Valeria Ramírez Castañeda


Graduate Student in the Integrative Biology Department at UC Berkeley

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Colombian biologist interested in evolutionary biology, herpetology, science communication, and inclusion, diversity, and equity in STEM

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About me

I am a Ph. D candidate in the Integrative Biology Department at UC Berkeley. I finished my B.Sc. in Biology at the National University of Colombia. Following my undergraduate studies, I pursued a M.Sc. in Biological Sciences at the University of Los Andes in Bogotá and a M.Soc.Sc. in Science Communication at the University of Barcelona. I have five years of research experience in animal physiology, evolutionary biology and molecular biology. In addition, I count with three years of experience teaching a general biology laboratory and an animal physiology laboratory for undergraduate students. I also enjoy participating in science communication projects (particularly in Spanish), as well as in research on science-society relationships.

Currently, my main research interest is the evolution of traits generated by interactions between organisms, especially by the predator-prey interactions in amphibians and reptiles. Furthermore, a big concern for me is to achieve diversity, inclusion, and equity in STEM. Therefore, I work on understanding and generating viable alternatives to the hegemony of English in science.

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I work with an excellent group of scientists lead by Rebecca Tarvin. For more information go to Tarvin lab.

Active research interests


For my complete research interests, check on my curriculum.


email: vramirezc [at] berkeley [dot] edu

twitter: @Valeria_RamCas

Always willing to collaborate and start new projects. Do not hesitate to contact me!